Acerca de

Jissy Keuenhof



(25 – 11 – 1970)

It´s her hands.
Small hands, that certainly handle clay and welding equipment..
and built killns.
Forcing unruly matter into beauty.
Hands driven by craft love, carry tools.
They give shape to clay, metal and wood.
Driven by passion, strength and sometimes… tenderness.
Jissy is fascinated by the cyclical nature.
In her work she examines those manifestations.
She tries to represent it big, small, streched or squat, nostalgic o futuristic.
Her lively work testify in a playfull manner to exuberant joy,
subdued grace, sadness, tragedy and intense love.
Her bronze and brightly colored ceramics
are made solely by Jissy with an utmost natural self- evidence.
For those that look closely,
they slowly come to life in their own way.
Bizarre prehistoric creatures; tragic human figures; playfull tokens; exciting water-objects;
powerful horses and subdued godesses come from her fingers with passion.
Her monumental assignments challenge her to think along with the client in a solution-oriented way. For each personal and unique assignment, she finds new perspectives and methods in this way.
Jissy´s work has been included in many private collections all over the world.
She likes to welcome people in her ceramic-studio. There, as in the sculture workshop and the nearby gallery, visitors can get acquinted with her inspiring world, her fascination and her working method.




  • 1970 Born 25.11.1970 in Kampen.
  • Teacher Henk Boxtart (see P.M.J.E. Jacobs, Beeldend Benelux p. 476)
  • Inspirator and teacher towards ceramic objects.
  • Teacher Ru de Boer (see Pieter Scheen, Lexicon p. 114)
  • Training and supervision of ceramic objects, glazes and turntable.
  • 1986 Researching and experimental phase ceramic images.
  • 1995/1998 Some study trips to West Africa: with research into and processing of wooden sculptural forms.
  • 1999/2006 Membership: N.V.K. Dutch Department of Ceramics.
  • 2003/2006 Board member: Platform Edese Artists.
  • 2006 Membership ABK, Amsterdams Sculptors Collective.
  • 2007 Masterclass ‘the Figurative Sculpture’.
  • The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy.
  • Teacher: Robert Bottom.




  • 1992 Group exhibition: ceramic sculptures, Galerie Sleedoorn in Zetten.
  • 1992 Group exhibition: Galerie Klassik Art in Worpswede, Germany.
  • 1992 Solo exhibition: Illumination Art Gallery in Krefeld, Germany.
  • 1993 Solo exhibition: Galerie Zonder Kader in Winterswijk.
  • 1994 Participation Euro Art Fair in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 1996 Participation International Art Fair in Mechelen, Belgium.
  • 1997 Solo exhibition: ‘Wooden and ceramic sculptures’, Ministry of Justice in The Hague.
  • 1999 Art project with workshops: ‘Die Rose im Moor’ in Georgsdorf, Germany.
  • 2000/2008 Open house with sculpture garden and workshops in Ede.
  • 2001 Solo exhibition: Galerie de Loca in Uden.
  • 2003 Solo exhibition: Galerie de Loca in Uden.
  • 2005 Solo exhibition: ‘Mujeres pequeñas’ (Little females) Gallery Ronda Art in Ronda, Spain.
  • 2005 Group exhibition: ‘Male nude’ bronze sculptures- Stichting Kernhem in Ede.
  • 2006 Group exhibition: ‘Alpha’ – bronze sculptures- Galerie Senzah in Ede.
  • 2006 Solo exhibition ‘Ceramics and bronze’ Ki-Beau gallery in Menaldum.
  • 2006 Group exhibition ‘Statues for the outdoors’ – bronze statues- Castle museum Sypesteyn in Loosdrecht.
  • 2006/2007 Group exhibition ‘De imagined city garden’ – bronze sculptures- Gallery Marten Randa in Winschoten.
  • 2007 Group exhibition: ‘Ladies go for’ bronze sculptures and medals- Galerie NIKH in Tilburg.
  • 2007 Solo exhibition: Villa d’Arto in Tilburg.
  • 2007 Group exhibition: ‘Summer exhibition’ bronze sculptures- Galerie NIKH in Tilburg.
  • 2007 Group exhibition: Kunstzentrum Coldam in Leer, Germany.
  • 2008 Participation ‘Art Rotterdam’ – International Art Fair in Rotterdam.
  • 2009 Group exhibition: ‘(R) evolution’ bronze sculptures- Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam.
  • 2009 Group exhibition: ‘Feest’ Art Keukenhof 2009, Keukenhof in Lisse.



  • 1998 ‘Het Kunstwerk’ ceramic sculpture, client: Burg. Matserschool in Arnhem.
  • 1998 ‘Junuskop’ ceramic sculpture, client: P. Breughelschool in Arnhem.
  • 1992/1993 ‘Frisbee trophy’ NK Indoor Ultimate, client: Dutch Frisbee Association.
  • 1999 ‘Nautilus’ 2 x 5 meter tile relief, for cruise ship ‘Van Gogh’, client: Club Cruise, O.A.C. Group in Rotterdam.
  • 1999 ‘Flying Dutchman’ H 2.5 meters, fountain in bronze with ceramics, for cruise ship ‘Van Gogh’, client: Club Cruise, O.A.C. Group in Rotterdam.
  • 2001 ‘Meerschzichten’ H 3.- meter ceramic stoneware, client: Philips Semiconductors in Nijmegen.
  • 2001 ‘Mammoet’ 2 x 2.5 meters, bronze, client: Huisman Itrec in Schiedam.
  • 2001 ‘Sunset’ 2 x 5 meter tile relief, client: Sauna in Soesterberg.
  • 2001/2010 ‘Runner’ bronze, prize sports gala -annual recurring assignment-, client: Municipality of Veenendaal.
  • 2001/2003 ‘Noviteiten-Award’ bronze, prize sports fair Splashure, Sport & RekreaTech, client: Ahoy in Rotterdam.
  • 2002 ‘Monolith’ H 2 meters, bronze, client: Agterberg B.V. at De Bilt.
  • 2004 ‘Het Huisje’ bronze mini sculptures, client: Kinderhospice, De Glind in Barneveld.
  • 2004 ‘Spectator’ bronze mini sculptures, client: Multicultural Center Cultura in Ede.
  • 2005 ‘The researcher’ bronze, Cultural encouragement prize Gemeente Ede-, client: Municipality of Ede, Department of Art and Culture.
  • 2006 ‘Zwijn’ bronze mini sculptures, client: Municipality of Ede, PR department and external relations.
  • 2006 Market project ‘Footsteps’ bronzen tiles, client: Municipality of Ede.
  • 2006 ‘Together / play’ bronze mini sculptures, client: KVLO in Zeist.
  • 2007 ‘Outside is the’ ceramic mini sculptures, client: SVGV in Barneveld.
  • 2007/2008 ‘Veluwe Boar’ bronze medals, client: Stichting Veluweloop in Wageningen 2008/2009 ‘Outside is the’ bronze goblet, client: SVGV in Barneveld.




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